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Urthy Scents uses clean burning coconut wax blend and eco-friendly wood wicks

Urthy Scents uses clean burning coconut wax blend and eco-friendly wood wicks

My favorite way to end my housework is by burning a fragrant candle. I love clean and floral scents and it just helps my space feel cleaner and refreshed. I also care that the candles I burn are clean and made from quality ingredients. There are so many products released around my home from cleaners, fragrances and outdoor pollutants that get in and I try hard to eliminate harmful chemicals wherever I can. Urthy Scents candles are trusted as clean burning and made with high quality ingredients.

By clean, Urthy Scents uses coconut wax which is 100% natural and known for burning clean with very little smoke. Coconut wax also burns very slow which means you candle life lasts a long time. This wax also offers a great fragrance especially when blended with other scents. Coconut wax is so eco-friendly because it is a renewable and high yield crop. The wick is wood and gives off a crackling, clean burn as well.

To add fragrance, Urthy Candles uses pure essential oils and are phthalate-free. There are 13 candle collections with 3 scents in each collection.

Urthy Candles was founded by two sisters who have the beginnings of autoimmune disease, they went on a quest to enable others with the disease to be able to surround themselves with beautiful scents. Shop Urthy Scents now for candles and other scented products!

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