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Unique Pretzel Bakery Rebrands as Unique Snacks with More Flavor

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Unique Pretzel Bakery Rebrands as Unique Snacks with More Flavor

From the Pretzel capitol of the world (PA), comes a rebranded Unique Snacks with pretzels that have less ingredients and more flavor. Just look at this assortment. We are currently spending our last weekend in our RV before we winterize it and we have been devouring these pretzels.

I would share which are my favorite but despite pretzels simply seeming the same, they are all just a tad different and delicious in their own way. Starting with the Unique Snacks Mustard Dips. You can find these in 4 flavors – honey mustard, jalapeno mustard, German mustard and Uniquely horseradish.

Then there is pretzels…for dessert! These chocolate Coated Pretzels are delicious and the sprinkle pretzels were a fun surprise inside. The boys devoured those before I could try them.

The Pretzel Shells are a great nighttime snack. You get the salty snack but because they are hallow you feel like you are eating less making it your lighter pretzel snack.

The opposite such as when you want that satisfying, heavy pretzel snack they have their Sourdough Craft Beer Pretzel Rings and I plan on experimenting on my smoker for a good beer cheese recipe. Once I perfect one, I will share it with you!

They have a ‘Sprouted’ version of some of their pretzels and the only way I can describe this is that perhaps a pretzel was overcooked just a tad but in a good way. I love the flavor of these, especially the Sprouted Pretzel Shells!

Regardless of your you want to serve and eat these pretzels, Unique Snacks has rebranded for the better. All of Unique Snacks crunchy and flavorful pretzels are made from a secret family recipe – slow-baked in an all-natural process that sets them apart.

Unique Snacks also introduced “Giving with a Twist,” a national program that donates 10% of purchases to a participating nonprofit while providing members and supporters a 5% discount on all online purchases.

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