Unboxing TLC Kritters and Smooshy Mushy Series 5 Sugar Fix

T.L.C. Kritters

These adorable kritters from Redwood-Ventures come ready to be fed and cared for and all you need to do is unwrap them from their incubator! First of all, take a guess! Boy of Girl? Now you can do your gender reveal.

What kritter do we get? We will show you in the vide below! Use the included bottle to feed your new pet and – give it a squeeze to make it sneeze. Take off the Kritter’s diaper and dunk it in cool water to reveal a dirty diaper, noted by emojis. Clean the diaper by soaking in warm water.

Smooshy Mushy Season 4 Creamy Dreamy

Also from Redwood-Ventures are these fun Smooshy Mushy Season 4 creatures! Smooshy Mushy’s come in 6 different sets and the Creamy Dreamy is part of the Frozen Delights Set.

Season 4 of Frozen Delights Smooshy Mushy’s are a total of 8 pets and each of a bestie included. Unwrap your Straw Cup and you will find a Smooshy Pet, Mystery Bestie, Mini Bottle, Sticker, outer Smooshy Bottle and Bonus: Collectors Poset and Bestie Search Game! See what Besties and Pets we unwrapped in the video above!

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