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Two Words One Finger has hilarious gifts that will make you laugh

Two of my favorite gifts to give are thoughtful baskets and alcohol. I can never go wrong pleasing people with these gifts. While I am out shopping at the Holidays, I pick up witty and fun items I can include in gift baskets. Hilarious gifts like the ones I have found at Two Words One Finger also work great for gift exchanges and are sure to bring laughter. Let’s look at some of my favorites…

These cocktail napkins worked great at our work Holiday party. I work at a school and it is a bond year, so it was great timing to have some fun by placing these around the beverages for the evening. You can find other fun cocktail napkins like these to serve.

Who can’t relate to this Wine Tag? I placed this on a bottle of wine for a gift exchange to a party. Two Words One Finger has other tags like this to dress up your wine bottles as well as charms and bags!

This kitchen towel is fun to tuck in a gift basket. These are hand sewn and printed. I hope you have as much fun as I did looking through the kitchen towel options. These are hilarious. Shop Two Words One Finger today for all of your gifting needs.

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basketball stars

The bag looks so cute

build now gg

The purse is adorable.