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T|W Insulated Luxury Lunch Tote – Review

While I do not take a lunch to work because of my hours and my husband gets food stipens, our oldest who lives with us does. He is also better than any of us at eating leftovers. Being in his 20’s, he is working hard and saving for that first home and eating out costs a lot. He works a job where he wears casual business dress and with an office space at the front window. Given this, having a nice desk space and carrying to the desk nice bags and jackets becomes a bit of a classy statement for his customers. This T|W Lunch Tote will add a touch of class to his desk.

Lunch boxes and bags have never been attractive to look at until now. You would hardly know it I a lunch bag yet it keeps food separated and cold or hot. This bag is a Metro black with Cognac interior and made with a durable, waterproof vegan leather. It has luxury and whole lot of class in appearance.

No more paper or plastic bags. Finally, lunch that needs to be carried around can be done with style in a look that fits anyones business attire. Shallon Thomas and Sherika Wynter (Thomas and Winter = T|W), shared a love of high quality products and worked hard to design this lunch tote.

As the Holidays approach think about those who carry a lunch to work and may be looking for a way to do so in style. It is durable from the interior to the handle to hold a full meal for the day. This is an excellent gift idea for so many! Visit https://twtote.com/

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