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TRE Olive EVOO direct from olive groves in Calabria, Italy

TRE Olive EVOO direct from olive groves in Calabria, Italy

If there is one change you can make to your diet for cleaner eating, it is to pay attention to the oils you use or brands use in the foods you enjoy. Oils are used in so many foods from cooking bases, baked goods, popcorn, chips, dressings and more. Many oils are highly processed and inflammatory. I only cook and bake with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coconut oil or avocado oil. This way I know I am not adding inflammatory ingredients to my dishes. Where your oils comes from matters as well. Many small oil companies sell their oil to bigger names and then they are mixed with low quality, processed oils for bulk and then you have made something pure into a processed product. TRE Olive is small and pure direct from olive groves in Calabria, Italy.

Tre means three in Italian and the 3 cousins who still travel back to Calabria where they grow and press their own olives on the family grove. They press and pour 100% E.V.O.O. and sell straight to consumers in gift sets, soaps, vinegars or individual E.V.O.O. bottles.

I have the Fratelli Gift Box that contains three 250ml tins of extra virgin olive oil. You can select the three you want from Select from: Primo, Early Harvest, Signature Estate, Lemon & Chili Pepper.

If you need a great gift idea for the Foodie on your list, these will be an excellent choice and they come packaged so well done. Visit the TRE Olive shop and learn more.

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Dana Rodriguez

We use EVOO all the time. These sound really good.


This looks so good!