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Traveling with Pets – Trot Pet’s Elevated Complete Set

We have some camping trips booked and will end up on a few more before the end of fall and will be traveling with pets. I am not sure who enjoys the camping trips more, us or the dogs! They get to run free and chase squirrels and receive attention from other Campers then crash in the trailer after working up an appetite. This season, we are traveling with the Elevated Complete Set of dog feeding bowls from Trot. One of our dogs has to eat elevated to avoid her GI upset and this is the best set we have owned!

The feature of the maze bowl I have with my set helps them eat slower. After running and playing all day, they tend to eat so fast that they will regurgitate their food and that is not a fun mess to clean up in a trailer! These bowls stay in place! It is so well designed as a non-slip set. The lids to save food is also a great feature.

They clean up real well and I can easily move it around. It is so sturdy that you can pick the entire set up, filled with water and food and it won’t collapse on you as you relocate it. I have the mat that also catches drips and crumbs.

The last, but not least, note about this set is that a percentage of every sale goes to Hearts and Bones, a rescue and foster organization dedicated to finding loving and forever homes for pets in need. With each purchase from Trots, you’re not only enhancing your pet’s life but also contributing to the welfare of animals in shelters. Shop the Elevated Cplete Sets and mix and match your preferences at

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jone martin

We travel with pets and we are worried about their trots but It’s an opportunity for them to get the Trot Pet’s Elevated Complete Set.

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