Travel Gifts – The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine

My evening consists of turning on a fan for white noise right before crawling into bed. But, then when I travel I rely on room fans that tend to go on and off or keep a room too cold at night. When I saw the LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine, I immediately new this would be my new travel accessory!

Travel Gifts - The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine

You can choose from white or black. Once you turn the LectroFan EVO on for the night you will not get any looping sounds. You do get Provides 10 Fan Sounds, 10 White, Pink and Brown Noise Variations, and 2 Ocean Sounds – calm and surf. It powers on AC or USB and includes a headphone jack. It also has an optional timer feature. The features are everything you need in this travel machine.

However, don’t let the word ‘machine’ fool you. It is 100% electric-no moving parts that could rattle or interrupts the sounds you want ton hear. This makes a great gift for the traveller, new Moms and those that need white noise to drown out other noises or silence. Available on Amazon.

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