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Top 10 weirdest things tired parents do

Top 10 weirdest things tired parents do

Nectar Sleep polled parents across the country on what life at home really looks like for burned out Moms and Dads. As parents, did you know we only average about 55 minutes of “me Time” a week! That is NOT taking care of ourselves. Partners, work to give each other a break! If you know a single parent, help give them a break and don’t accept a “NO” from them!

So what are the top 10 weirdest things tired parents do as a result of the polls?

Tried to wash clothes in the toilet

Poured baby formula into their coffee

Texted their boss thinking it was their partner number

Took a shower fully clothed

Tried to make a phone call on the TV remote

Left the house completely naked

Opened the refrigerator looking for a pair of shoes

Waited for a stop sign to turn green

Drove to work without dropping my kids off at school first

Started cooking dinner at breakfast time

But there is actually a common NUMBER 1 mistake we make as parents when exhausted! The answer is: putting arbitrary items in the fridge by accident, and spacing out while driving/miraculously ending up safe at their location (yikes)!

It is OK to teak a break, make time for a break because tired parents can actually do some harmful accidents and those are mistakes in moments we can never take back!

What is your TIRED MOM/DAD STORY? I’ll tell you mine.

My son was a few days old and I decided to take my New Mom self out of the house and drive to my work to show him off. On my way home, exhausted, sleep deprived and given birth about a week earlier, I hit a teenage driver. Here is the funny (not-so-funny) part of the story. The light we were stopped at with this teen in front of me turned green so we both let off the break and begin to press the gas and when the car in front of him stopped to turn, he slammed on his breaks and I did not have the best reaction time in that moment and I hit him. Nothing too major, expect a new mom panic with my son in the back seat. I waved for him to pull into the parking lot next to us and he did. He walked around and as he did he stopped as his eye caught my baby. I told him how sorry I was, just had a baby, tired, etc… the kid asks if we need to exchange information and I told him we need to legally. I at least need him to take my info and give me his name/number. I dented my bumper slightly and he really hardly had a scratch except a cracked license plate frame. He began to panic a bit because he told hid Mom he was only going to the store, but went to see a girlfriend and this accident can mean she’ll find out he was on this end of town- lol! I assured him I was a teenager once too and I get it with a little chuckle and asking him if he’s OK. He did NOT want to say he was hit. I told him the cracked license plate is very minor, told him he needs to take my info anyway and whether he calls it in is up to him. Never heard a word about it. I lucked out on that one there and my husband buffed out my bumper like new.

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