Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Their First Year

Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe During Their First Year

Having a new baby is an exciting time in any parent’s life. It is also a time of new experiences and a lot of questions and anxiety. Do you worry about keeping your little one safe through it all? Here are a few tips to help you navigate the first year.

Put Them To Sleep in an Empty Crib

When you go to sleep, do you enjoy sinking into a soft mattress, laying back on a fluffy pillow and pulling the covers over your head? As wonderful as this is for you, it is not a good option for your baby because plush objects can easily cover their faces and make it difficult for them to breathe. During the first year, your infant is safest in their crib fitted with a firm mattress, and they shouldn’t sleep with pillows and blankets. If you are concerned that they are too cold, dress them in a long sleeve sleeper, adjust your home’s temperature and opt for a sleep sack. 

Watch Them Every Second They Are Near Water

It is very easy for a child to slip in water, and they can be injured in a matter of seconds. Make it your priority to watch them at all times they are in the water. If you bathe your baby, look for special seats that help support them and add a small amount of water to the tub. If you need to leave the room, always take your child with you. These precautions should be followed when you are near a hot tub, swimming pool or open water areas. Your baby cannot swim or float naturally, so consider any body of water a drowning risk. 

Install a Rear Facing Car Seat

You know by now that you’re required to keep your baby in a car seat while driving. It’s also important to make sure you buckle them in correctly. Until your child is about a year old and 20 pounds, their head is not supported very well by their neck muscles. Because of this, your baby’s seat should face the back of the car to protect their head and neck from a whiplash injury if your car is rear-ended. If you are concerned about seeing them while you’re driving, look for special mirrors that attach to the back seat and allow you to see their reflection in your rearview mirror. 

Block All Staircases

As your child begins to get mobile, new dangers become reachable to them. Stairs are very hazardous to exploring babies. It only takes an inch for them to crawl or scoot too far and fall down a staircase. As they become more confident in moving around, they want to climb up the stairs, which can also lead to falls back down. The best way to protect them from falls is to put gates at the top and bottom of the stairs. These gates are easy to install and allow you to easily walk through them while shutting securely to keep your baby safe

The first year of your newborn’s life is filled with new experiences. Follow these tips to keep them safe through it all. 

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