Tips to Install Artificial Turf in Austin TX

Tips to Install Artificial Turf in Austin TX

Many people, including in Austin TX are embracing the installation of artificial turf on their property. Offering cheaper maintenance and all-year-round greenery, installing artificial grass is easier compared to previous times. If you love getting things done, you may want to save some money by completing the installation yourself.

This could be quite tricky at first but purchasing synthetic grass from a reliable supplier is definitely a good point to begin. They usually offer helpful, informative guide that will not only help you install but also maintain the turf, keeping it green and as good as new for a long time. In this article, we will share tips to install artificial turf in Austin TX, so you won’t be at a loss on what to do.

Installation of Artificial Turf – Top Tips for You

So, here’s what you need to know before installing fake grass yourself:

1. Lay Out the Foundations

Preparing the ground is an integral aspect of fixing a turf that will look good for a long time. If the ground is uneven, you have to do some landscaping before laying the fake grass. Also, ensure you take away the existing grass if any. Remove large stones and weeds to make the ground level and ready for installation.

2. Smoothen the Ground

Artificial turf will be extremely easy to lay if the ground is smooth. It will also enable the turf to settle correctly. To achieve an even ground, fill the space where you want to lay the turf with limestone aggregate. Also, add grano dust, then compact the area.

You can consider using flooring float to achieve a smoother finish. Sometimes after weed removal, they may come back; this is not good for your turf. So, to stop them from resurfacing, lay a membrane of geo-textile. This will lock them out, giving your lawn a flawless look year-round.

3. Lay the Turf

Roll out your turf and carefully lay it into position. You can trim the edges to get an awesome finish. A jointing tape will be useful in connecting turf pieces together if the installation area is a large one. This tape is available in stores where artificial grasses are sold.

Artificial grasses are gaining much attention lately. And with many places running low on water, we need an alternative that will take away the burden of watering the lawn every day. You can click on https://www.homestratosphere.com/types-artificial-grass/ to see the different types of fake grass available in the market.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf

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When you compare natural grass to artificial turf, the benefits of installing the latter are outstanding. In places like Austin TX where there is a possibility of water shortage, homeowners need a solution for maintaining beautiful lawns without violating the guidelines for landscaping or water restrictions of the Homeowners Association in their neighborhood.

The following are the benefits of installing artificial turf:

1. No Maintenance

Although retailers of fake grasses overstate that they do not need maintenance, a minimal level of maintenance is necessary. This is still advantageous because you can now spend less time on lawn care and more time relaxing or enjoying family activities.

2. Eliminates Puddling

Before installing the turf, valleys and grooves where water may accumulate are eliminated. Also, the space is smoothed out and rolled. In the process, small channels of irrigation are created to drain off excess water thereby preventing the formation of water puddles.

3. Eliminates Grass Stains 

With fake grasses, kids could play as much as they desire and won’t get mud or unsightly grass stains on shoes and clothing. When they slide on natural grass, they will have brown or green streaks on their clothes, which are difficult to remove. 

4. No Ruts and Bare Spots

Natural grass forms pathways when the foot traffic on it is high. Also, ruts and bare spots form easily on it. But artificial turf resists pressure despite being stepped on constantly. It is highly resilient; its blades bounce back, keeping it upright, provided its filler is in good condition.

5. Shade Does Not Pose Any Problem

Natural grass will fade and even die in shaded places. But fake grass does not need direct sunlight to survive. It can stay in a shade because whether there is water and sunlight or none, it will still maintain its size and color.

6. Safe for Pets and Children

Most fake grass brands contain anti-bacterial properties which prevent the spread of bacteria and germs. Therefore, pets and children can play outdoors and won’t be exposed to toxic chemicals, harmful pesticides, or fertilizers used in natural grass maintenance. 

7. No Need for Harsh Fertilizers

Since it does not spread or grow, fake grass is vibrant and beautiful without the regular application of fertilizers. It will remain green, toxin-free, and lush. The use of harsh fertilizers is disastrous to the sustainability of the environment. 

It causes the overpopulation of algae in lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. You may want to visit this website to read more about it.

8. Suitable for Recreational Spots

The grass is suitable for recreational spots like tennis courts, volleyball courts, as well as patio and putting greens surfaces. It is extremely wear-resistant and can withstand heavy foot traffic. You can cut it into various shapes, which is good for areas with odd shapes or when you want to create different patterns.

9. Drought Resistant

Fake grasses only require occasional rinsing to prevent bad smell and accumulation of dust. Apart from those, they do not require water, making them suitable for places with severe drought conditions. A shortage in water supply can result in water restrictions as well as penalties for violators.

10. Cost-Effective

Fake grasses are durable and cost-effective. It may seem expensive initially, but it is a good investment that will improve your home’s value for many years. When you check the costs of buying and installing artificial turf, including the minimal time and money for maintaining it, you will realize that it will pay off after a few years.


Artificial turf has a lot of advantages and we discussed some of them in this article. We also shared some tips to help you install one on your property. If you do not feel like installing it yourself, you can always contact a professional. 

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