Tips for starting a new career after a baby

Many people see a career break as a setback and there is a lot of fear at the prospect of returning to the world of work after you have had a baby. Rather than seeing it as a speed bump, treat it as an opportunity to reinvent your career. There are no rules that say you have to go back to the same job or even the same sector you worked in previously, especially as your interests and skills will change drastically during the first stages of motherhood. 

Perhaps you need to retrain or go back to school to acquire different qualifications – now is the perfect time to switch it up. Maybe you want to become a pediatric nurse after spending so long caring for your own children or possibly go down the education route. Or maybe you want to leave children solely in your personal life and you are seeking a more corporate role as a contrast to out of work.

Here are some ways in which you can begin by starting a new career or make a career change after having a baby.

  1. Same job different demands – is there an opportunity to return to the same job but on a different schedule or with varied responsibilities? Hopefully, your employer will be willing to accommodate your requests and you can return to a career more complimentary of your life as a mom – you never know until you ask.
  2. Similarly, you could look into the same company but a different role – returning to work is the perfect opportunity to explore different options within the company. You have established yourself in your previous role and the truth is, they may be happy to keep your cover on the books and let you move over to a new role.
  3. Or, you could always look for a family-friendly organization – if your previous job was a high-pressure corporate role that does not sympathize with working mothers then you may want to consider changing over to a different company. Many organizations are extremely accommodating to women with families and offer more flexible work schedules. You will not have to fear asking your boss for time off to take your baby to the doctor.
  4. Turn a hobby into your new job – if you have a passion or an interest that excites you then consider turning it into a career. The best job is one that utilizes your skills and keeps you engaged. With children at home, you might need a bit more motivation to go to work every day!
  5. Go back to square one – this is the perfect opportunity to start that career you had always dreamed of. It is never too late to re-educate and start a new career path. It can be daunting, but the timing could not be better! Go back to school and do your learning from home whilst taking care of the baby or go to night classes.
  6. Start your own business – for those mothers with a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, now is the time to start your own business. You have got nothing to lose and it means you can set your own schedule, put in as much work as you want and really take advantage of nap time to get stuff done.
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