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Tips for Small Guest Room Spaces that Entertain

Tips for Small Gust Room Spaces that Entertain

When we bought our home we finally had enough rooms to not have to share spaces. No more sharing a guest room with my office or game room in a bedroom which was always a constant mess. When we settled in and I started decorating for our new home, I really took pride in our guest room. It was a small room, but I worked with the space and made it a small guest room space that entertains.

guest tv

I took a small dresser and I made sure they are 100% empty to use as guests wish. The TV is small and not overwhelming, but enough. Because we don’t keep cable in the guest room, I have our Jetstream HD TV Box With Voice Control Search Remote by Ematic.

Let me stop a moment and talk about having an HD TV Box. It is 2019 and that means most people are used to their favorite streaming shows and sites. Whether there is a sports game or TV series they are into, an HD TV Box will bring all of that to your guest room. Our Jetsream AGT418 is available at Walmart and gives your guests access to over 450,000 movies and TV episodes on over 4,500 paid or free channels, including Netflix, Hulu, and PBS Kids. Showcase all the favorite entertainment including movies, TV shows, games, sports, music and much more all from your Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Chromebook or TV! Chances are they brought their tablet or laptop so this is a great piece to have in the room!

Google TV

Back to more tips for small guest room spaces! When it comes to electronics I keep the remotes on or right at their given devices. When I have a guest over the remotes are not all stacked on a table. The TV remote is at the TV, HD TV Box remote with the box, etc. This makes guessing what controls what so much easier. I also keep the TV input set back to the right Smart TV input so when the guests turn on the TV it is ready to stream correctly.

electronics for guests

Other touches are easy to handle if you think like a hotel. Have towels, soaps (I get mine from leftovers at hotels), a clear closet that is 100% empty, trash can and an outlet strip if needed for use. I also have a new bottle of water on each nightstand and a fan.

guest room essentials

On my walls I made sure there was a mirror somewhere, so I bought a large framed mirror to hang. I also began collecting brochures when at lobbies and hotels to use on my walls. This is a fun decor idea. In the photo below, notice I also included a sheet with our Wi-Fi info to have easily available for guests. I arranged on clipboards by adventures: Seattle (our local town), mountains, sea, local and more. Do what makes sense for your area or find brochure templates guests can sit and go through as they get to know the area.

guest room wall

I think that about covers it. From the photo below I have all my guests need in one small space. I can also mention that my guests get a Queen Sleep Number bed because my husband and I upgraded to a King so we passed the queen down. Now our guests can position the head fully up to sit and work or watch TV.

Did I miss any tips? Share yours below!

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