These SANSI SGLED Bulbs can be used in totally enclosed fixtures

These SANSI SGLED Bulbs can be used in totally enclosed fixtures

I never really knew, until I learned about these SANSI bulbs, that SGLED bulbs are not meant for enclosed fixtures. Come to think of it when I shop for bulbs for lamps, ceiling lights I never noticed LED are not options in that wattage for these fixtures. I love using LED lighting because you get a longer lasting bulb and they are more energy efficient.

When we moved into our new home 2 years ago one of the first improvements we made was removing all of the bulbs in the rooms and recessed lighting in main area and replaced them with LED 5000K daylight bulbs for that bright white light and to save energy. Now I can finish off my enclosed and smaller lamps with these SGLED Enclosed Fisture Rated Bulbs.

Using these SANSI bulbs in your enclosed fixtures and tight spaces means as the temperature surrounding the bulb increases to a certain level, SGLED’s LED chips will gradually reduce the power and amount of lumens the bulb it outputting.

This LED bulb ensures excellent heat dissipation with its patented ceramic heat dissipation technology (CHDT). No breakable parts and free of toxic chemicals, No UV or IR Radiation. No more average light bulbs! They are also flicker-free.

You can buy (and save) on Amazon for your light fixture bulbs buying the 4 pack in the size you need.

Comment: I was sent bulbs to try. Opinions are my own

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