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These American-made face masks and N95 respirators are FDA approved

These American-made surgical masks and  N95 respirators are FDA approved

My husband and I just got back from a few days in our favorite spot. Las Vegas is back and we chose a pretty laid back time to go. There were lots of people, but not too crowded. They still require masks indoors, so we were carrying ours around. We have traveled a bit in this pandemic whether it be in the RV or local getaways and I created a new habit while traveling when it comes to masks. I always buy bulk and take disposable masks. This is because we are going several days of not being home where I can keep masks washed. Taking ourselves and teenager away for a few days in the same mask all day long and unwashed is so unhealthy and gross.

Also, when we travel in spring through fall the weather is still warm so it is important that the disposable masks I choose are both effective and comfortable with room to breathe underneath. I grabbed the box of DemeTECH face masks I was sent for this Vegas run and we loved these masks for comfort and the colors are fun also so I can color coordinate.

fitted face mask

The DemeTECH Disposable Face Mask has 3 protectives layers to filter over 95% of particulates. The high-density polypropylene outer layer provides strong resistance against liquids while the inner layer makes it comfortable enough for use all day long. The bands are adjustable and the nose gap seals. I find that after I seal the gap around my nose I have enough space to breath inside the mask which makes wearing it much more bearable.

color masks

Because these are considered a surgical mask (rather than cloth or fabric), they provide better protection from the COVID-19 virus. DemeTECH provides some great tips on buying the proper masks for you and your children. See the tips here.

travel masks

Whether traveling or sending the kids off to school, they need to stay protected as well. Make sure kids are wearing the right mask, one that is made especially for their size, like these kid’s masks from DemeTech. For adults, these level 3 masks come in fun colors and are much more comfortable than cloth masks.

N95 respirators

If you need heavier protection in huge crowds or high risk areas, you will want a respirator mask and demeTECH has those available for purchase as well. These masks are tested to meet the highest quality specifications designated by NIOSH for N95 Respirators. Their masks are made in the USA and available at the demeTECH website.

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