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The Top-Rated Persil laundry detergent is now available in the US

This is a promotional post. I was sent product.

Look what landed in our US Walmart stores! Watch out Tide because Persil® is here. From Europe to the US and from white to whiter wash loads, Persil® is a ProClean stain-fighting detergent. They are top-rated according to some recent Consumer Reports tests.
Consumer Reports just rated Persil® ProClean Power Liquid 2-in-1 the “best detergent they have ever tested”. How’s that for fresh and clean? For years Tide has held the top spot and they were just moved down to 2nd. This detergent uses a Pro-Lift technology and Power-Boosted formula that works on all machines including HE. Persil® also makes an Original, Sensitive and Intense Fresh scented liquid laundry soap.
Persil® has Power Pearl and Power Caps as well if you prefer this over liquid. The Persil® Power-Pearls™ are great for colors and exceptional for your whites. It is dust free and dissolves quickly in cold water. Find these in original and Intense Fresh varieties.

Percil® Power-Caps™ is a capsule that cleans everyday laundry with a brightness formula. They are pre-measured so you just drop in and start your wash. 
You just found a new favorite-you just may not know it yet! Try it for yourself! To learn more and get some laundry tips, visit
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