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The Table Tyke makes eating out or at home easier and safer for kids

The Table Tyke makes eating out or at home easier and safer for kids

As we think about better choices for the new year, perhaps a table mat comes to mind? Maybe not, until now! The Table Tyke functions in ways you may not have even thought of when it comes to all the features you need in a table mat for babies and toddlers. This 100% silicone placemat from the Table Tyke offers safety, sanitation, cleanliness and it is easy to clean and travel with.

The rounded edge helps with the chin and teeth bumps for baby. We all know they love chewing on the table ends and typically leads to mouth bumps. The Table Tyke protects them from such mishaps as well as when eating out, the germs from chewing on table ends-eww! It is its own, more sanitary, teether!

The connected straps are out of reach to baby but allow you a quick grab of the mat and to fold up for travel. They are not detachable, so you won’t lose them.

The grippy bottom prevents the mat from sliding on most surfaces. The edge is raised to prevent spill messes. It also comes in 5 colors choices and is dishwasher safe. The Table Tyke thought of everything!

Visit The Table Tyke shop or their Amazon store to order yours today and start the new year off a bit cleaner and safer!

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