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The Spunky Stork clean, organic, non-toxic clothing for babies and children

The Spunky Stork

I have to start by saying that with social distancing, the baby I am gifting my onesie to is unavailable to us right now and I am so sad because this is too adorable to keep at my house! This onesie by The Spunky Stork “My Sibling Has Paws” is perfect for a first child (who’s only siblings may be the family dog). Maybe Maya is unsure about it below, but when that baby visits she is so curious and protective of him. They have dogs too so I can’t wait to be able and give him his easter basket I still have here until we can get together.

Dog Onesie

This is my first experience with The Spunky Stork and right away I can feel the quality in the fabric. It is soft yet thick and snaps at the bottom and pleated at the shoulders. They source only 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton material. We love sustainable products here!

Sibling onesie

Have you seen the chemicals and dyes used in much of the infant/toddler clothing in stores? It is a lot for those new immune systems of theirs. Clean and organic is the best clothing option for them. This is why you will find only white in colors – to avoid toxic dyes. Non-toxic dyes are hard to develop and would be cost prohibited for a piece of clothing.

Just wait until you see their Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Twinning sets! The designs and sets are too adorable! Find the baby, child, Mom or Dad clean, organic, non-toxic clothing for babies and more at The Spunky Stork available here!

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Hannah Chase

I love these! So Cute!

Antoinette M

These are adorable for baby and would make a great gift, too!