The SOCKSHOP has great gifts for Mom

The SOCKSHOP has great gifts for Mom

As simple as it sounds, gifting socks is a great gift idea. I remember one day my husband and I had a discussion about what one luxury we would do for ourselves if we ever one a big jackpot. His answer was that he would make sure he had a brand new pair of socks for every new day. There is something about putting on brand new socks and he called that his personal luxury. I remembered this conversation come his birthday that year and told all family and friends to gift him packages of socks. He ended up with dozens of pairs!

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With Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day to follow) coming up, the SOCKSHOP has so many sock gifts to choose from as well as masks and other accessories. I love the low ankle sports socks and fuzzy socks. The SOCKSHOP has styles for everyone’s interests. Bamboo socks, sports socks and in designs that are basic or fun like poodles and pizza.

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I broke open my POLY SPORTS NO SHOW SOCKS while camping this weekend and wore a pair on our hike to the river. They were great and the raised heel tab protects the delicate Achilles area from chafing. SOCKSHOP has more than 90 brands including SOCKSHOP, Pringle, ELLE, Heat Holders, JEEP, Wild Feet, Happy Socks, Jeff Banks and more. Based in the UK, shipping worldwide. Shop their website for Mom & Dad!

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