The Polished Jar has modern, customizable jars for your soaps and cleansers

The Polished Jar has modern, customizable jars for your soaps and cleansers

About every year (hence, Spring Cleaning time), I begin to feel like certain rooms need a revamp. Sometimes a room needs a fresh coat of paint or a closet clean out. Other rooms may just need some new decor. You can spend very little and make changes that seem small and simple and really make a room look better and refreshed such as with customizable jars. Brands like The Polished Jar can be the exact change your spaces need.

kitchen soaps

In my kitchen I redid my coffee area with a cute black and white coffee jar I found a few months back at Home Goods. Recently, I simply changed my dish and hand soap set up at the sink. It seems small, but it took this spot on my counter and gave it a modern update. The Polished Jar lets you choose and customize labels and jar colors and pumps.

Polished Jar Kitchen

For my kitchen I chose the Luxe collection for the label design with 1 white bottle with brass pump and 1 black bottle with black matte pump for dish soap and hand wash. Then I have The Polished Jar White Ceramic Tray to keep them on so that dish soap does not end up on the counter.

The Polished Jar for Home

I loved the idea of this simple change to my counters that I knew I wanted to make a similar change to the guest bath that is right off of my kitchen. I replaced the shampoo, conditioner and body wash store bottles with The Polished Jar Luxe Collection (same as the kitchen design) in black jars with copper pumps to all look cohesive in that shower.

Bathroom shower

This guest bath of ours has a shower that no one ever uses. My guest bedroom is upstairs so if anyone stays over they use the full bath up there, so this is more of a stage for decorative shower soaps to see when someone needs to use the restroom when just over for dinner. What a difference! With free shipping at The Polished Jar US orders, it makes ordering these reasonably priced customizable jars so fantastic for yourself or as a gift.

Polished Jar bathroom

The pumps work great! They just seem like great quality and of all of my jars, each pump works great right away. They have so many label designs to choose from to match your home style. You can even add monograms to some designs. Visit The Polished Jar to make these small updates to your spaces.

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I just LOVE these bottles!! They’ve totally changed the look of my bathroom and kitchen, I even added on in my foyer just for fun.