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The Peanuts Gang and all Laundry team up to find the World’s Dirtiest Kid

This is a promotional post for all Laundry. I was sent product. Opinions are my own

all® Laundry meets the Peanuts kids

We all know the all® brand as a leading premium laundry name who know about kids and dirt. We also know about the classic Peanuts gang-kids that are all play and dirt! In the anticipation of the November 2015 release of Peanuts Movie in 3D, the movie could not have partnered with a more appropriate brand. 
Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial?

About all® Oxi (as seen in the video above)

all® Laundry provides a leading detergent made especially for those with sensitive skin. Dermatologist recommended all® Oxi comes in 2 formulas: Oxi liquid booster and Oxi mighty packs. The mighty packs are the only single-dose Oxi detergent on the market designed to be gentle on the skin.  They are hypoallergenic and the liquid offers you a booster stain-fighting formula that is free of dyes, perfumes and chlorine.

all® Laundry is also featuring their Radiant formula throughout the campaign this year as it will help restore your whites and keep your colors bright. The FIBER SHIELD™ technology gives this formula the ultimate stain fighting you need to help restore those used and warn clothes.
More to come between now and November’s showing of The Peanuts in theaters. You will see commercials and promotions including discounts on tickets with all® Laundry product purchases.
Stay updated:
Do you have the world’s dirtiest kid? Enter to win!

all® Laundry is looking for your Pigpen! I found a fun picture of my son when he was younger…
For a chance to win, share your Pig-Pen’s photo on our wall using#‎allPigPens and #‎sweeps.
Three (3) winners will each receive a Peanuts Prize Package that includes Peanuts licensed merchandise (selected by the Sponsor) and all® Laundry Detergent (ARV $500)
This sweeps can be entered in the following ways by 5/5/2015:
Via Facebook: Log on to your Facebook account and upload the Photo with the hashtags
#allPigPens and #sweep onto our Facebook pages, located at either or (“Sponsor’s Pages”).

(ii) Via Twitter: Log onto your Twitter account and tweet the Photo with the hashtags
#allPigPens and #sweeps. You must be an active holder of a non-private Twitter account
(i.e., you must make sure your tweets are set to “public” and not “private”).

(i) Via Instagram: Access the Instagram application on your mobile device, and post the
Photo with the hashtags #allPigPens and #sweeps. You must make sure the “Photos Are
Private” option in the account settings on your Instagram account are set to “OFF”.

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