The Non-Toxic and Self-Cleaning Fritaire Airfryer

On my list this year as one of the best gifts for the foodie on your list is this Fritaire! It is an airfryer, yet it also bakes, dehydrates and has a rotisserie as well. The features are unique to other air fryers I have owned, including my current airfryer oven.

The Fritaire comes in many fun colors. It is compact to fit in any space. However, my favorite feature is that it cleans itself! Well, you have to add the water and dish soap, but no scrubbing needed. I have done nothing more than rinse and dry! It has cooked every food I have tried flawlessly and the crispness left on breaded foods is so perfect. As compact as it is, it holds as much as my oven trays do in an airfryer oven.

The Fritaire includes a tumbling basket for fries and other foods that crisp best when tossed. The rotisserie roasts meats and veggies quickly. One more feature is that you can see your food at 360 degrees while it cooks! The bowl is clear and is the part that self cleans.

 Fritaire is also Teflon-free, plastic-free, phthalate-free, and BPA-free. Fritaire is sold at many retailers and makes a great gift for any kitchen, or with the compact design, you can use in your RV like I plan to next season! Visit Fritaire to learn more.

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