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The new Shark® Rocket Powerhead cleans all floor surfaces

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I have mentioned several times before on this blog how much I love Shark® products and I have been using them in my home for years. When it comes to vacuums, I want the latest technology because it provides the best results, but some brands charge hundreds of dollars for their machines. Shark® has remained a favorite of mine because they top the rest by providing vacuums and other products that use updated technology that is effective in a way that does not cost a fortune. The Shark® Rocket series of vacuums have brought lightweight and versatility to these floor cleaners and one of the newest here is the Shark® Rocket Powerhead.
My home has stairs, carpet, hardwood floors and laminate. My typical floor cleaning regimen includes a broom, hand vac and vacuum. Having the Shark® Rocket Powerhead allows me to clean all of my floors with one vacuum. I also own a Shark® Rocket DeluxePro that gives me a hand held that I also bring into the RV to clean after a few days of camping with boys! The Powerhead model weighs only 9 pounds so it allows me to not only vacuum my carpet and has a gentle enough brush roll to go over my laminate and hardwood, but I can also hit my stairs too. 
I am a busy Mom of boys and when I need to clean my home, I need versatile and effective products because it saves me precious time. We hate to clean, but we all get excited when we get new appliances such as vacuums. Give the gift of this versatile floor cleaner to someone who needs the help around their house. You’ll pay under $200 for this brand new model! It is efficient with the dust cup in the head of the vacuum. The brush rolls are easily interchangeable depending on the surface and it it has various height adjustments for easy cleaning. It does everything you would want a vacuum to do from a brand I trust and use in my own home.
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