The new Modern 6W LED Desk Lamp from SANSI

The new Modern 6W LED Desk Lamp from SANSI

When my husband or I need to work in the home office, we have the decor as we like and a light switch to provide lighting from the ceiling lamp. I had never given much thought to extra workspace lighting when I set my office up until I was gifted a desk lamp once and wanted to find a spot to put it so I set it on my desk. I turned it on and the extra light was a huge benefit. I have kept good lighting at my desk ever since. We recently painted and changed flooring in my office so I wanted a modern looking LED desk lamp for the workspace. This is the 6W LED Desk Lamp from SANSI.


Besides the sleek, white look the lamp offers fantastic lighting to any space with 3 brightness dimmable options that do not flicker. The 10 high-quality LED chips offer a healthy and bright light so colors pop and you don’t have dark spots. The head swivels down to aim at your desk work. The base has a touch spot to operate the light where you can reach.

Desk lamp

The modern look makes it a great gift for anyone who needs extra light to work, study or play. Visit the SANSI store to get your in time for the Holidays. Dave 13% with code: Erin14 at checkout.

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