The Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Adams

The Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Adams

You know Jennifer Adams from her luxury sleep and bath products and her Natural Coconut Wax Candles add even more luxury to the ambience of any room. The glass jars and simple labels are a modern look and the scents are amazing. I am burning the Rejuvenate candle – green tea, lemon and jasmine.

Burning a candle made of coconut wax means you have a wax base that is odorless and colorless. Adding your fragrances means you get only those particular scents. It is non-toxic and clean-burning and it burns a long time-up to 55 hours!

Choose from 5 scents

  • Embrace: Scents of Siberian Fir, Cinnamon Bark, and Golden Raspberry
  • Lux: Scents of Coconut Milk, Sandalwood, and Amber
  • Encounters: Scents of Santal, Leather, and Vanilla
  • Rejuvenate: Scents of Green Tea, Lemon, and Jasmine
  • Restore: Scents of Lavender, Thyme, and Cedarwood

Keep the Natural Coconut Wax Candles by Jennifer Admas in mind for fall and winter. They make great Holiday gifts and are available at Jennifer Adams‘ shop.

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