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The Musical Adventures of Grace – Children’s Book to Appreciate Music

Book Series for Music Lovers – The Musical Adventures of Grace

by: Kenneth E. Korber

Who is Grace?

Grace is a note. Grace notes are “minor notes that are sometimes used by the orchestra to give the music more ‘color’.” So, understandably Grace feels like in the big yearly town concert she just won’t be heard. So many big Musicians will be playing with a well-known Conductor when he joins the concert and everyone is eager to play the best and biggest notes and perform for the town.

Grace wonders how her little (note) self will stand out. It turns out that there is a special place where all of the unheard grace notes go. Together, all grace notes weave into the music silently, yet with a big role. Once they are played and were too quiet to be noticed they enter somewhere special.

Grace is the main character from the four part series “The Musical Adventures of Grace,” and was inspired by the Author’s son, a cellist, about grace notes. The four stories occur within all 4 seasons offering a children’s book to appreciate music.

So where do all of those grace notes end up? Turns out they have the biggest part in music than any other note! Read the Winter story to find out! Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and also on Steve Korber’s website.

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