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The Most Overrated and Underrated Baby Products, Parent Survey & Giveaway

Have you viewed or had to create a baby registry lately? There is a lot out there! So many toys, bath products, bottles, bedding and more to choose from and all like to make their unique claims of ‘best’, ‘safest’, ‘number 1’ and how do you know what you’ll really need or not need? knows about shopping as well as deals and trends and they recently used Google Surveys to ask actual parents how they shop. We also asked which baby products they’ve deemed overrated — and underrated.

Starting with the most overrated and underrated products there were 5-6 listed in each category. The top overrated product came as the wipe warmer. I am not surprised, are you? I had one gifted to me when my son was born and I think I used it once then just realized I will have many opened wipe bags in almost every room I will be grabbing for as I need and I never would intentionally go grab my wipes from the one warmer.

The most underrated baby product came in as the white noise machine. I use white noise, all 3 of our boys ages 11-27 (still) use white noise and it does wonders for baby too. Trapping the white noise eliminates outside noise and I feel is a must in every nursery. What To Expect found that the top-rated white noise machine is the Marpac Dohm Elite that is available at Target.

More survey answers were, which items made up the majority of your baby registry and the top answer was practical items (such as diapers). The top store parents used to register with was Target and Pampers won as top diaper brand.

Now about spending! 21% of parents surveyed say that having kids has caused them to shop less often to control finances. The majority also saying they are only willing to spend under $100 a month on baby food and diapers. The last category was a fun one, asking parents that if they had extra funds to use anywhere for baby the majority say they would spend it on clothing.

What do you think? I feel this is accurate and in line from what I see. If I am surprised by any answer it may be the last one. My initial thought would be that most parents would want the extra money for techy products like higer quality baby monitors, etc.

With white noise machines being the underrated product that tells me it makes the most practical gift. The Marpac Dohm Elite that is rated top machine from Target by What to Expect is one you may recognize from when you were young because it has been around for 50 years. This is why having this be a top-rated machine makes it very desirable. No animal sounds, no lights just an effective white noise. It is reviewed to drown out almost all sounds! You can adjust the tone and volume and it rushes air naturally so it is an inconsistent, never looping sound that is so soothing that you’ll find yourself wanting one in the master once this one heads to the nursery!

View the entire parent survey here.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win the top-rated Marpac Dohm EliteWhite Noise Machine and a $50 Target gift card courtesy of

Dohm White Noise Machine & $50 Target Gift Card
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