The Moso Natural Air Purifying, Odor Absorbing Bag For Your Refrigerator 

This little bag not only helps produce stay fresh longer, but it helps keep odors away for up to 2 years in your fridge, freezer, cooler or lunch bag. Just hang in the fridge or toss in a cooler to purify the space around your food, naturally.

This is the Moso Refrigerator & Freezer Odor Eliminator and it uses ionically charged moso bamboo charcoal to actively capture odors, moisture and ethylene gas. When ethylene gas is released from fruit and veggies it accelerates the ripening process and soon after these foods are not the best for eating and cooking with. This bag slows that process by absorbing this gas so your fruits and veggies don’t.

It even comes with a suction so you can easily hang it in your fridge to save shelf space. To help it last the 2 years for freshness, just set the bag in the sun for 1 hour once a month to keep the charcoal active. These are a must for every cold space. Visit the moso natural store for bamboo charcoal products for your home.

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