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The Moon Thief book teaches kids about the moon

The Moon Thief book teaches kids about the moon

The Moon Thief is written by Kristine Keck. The book is written to entertain and teach. It is written for ages 5-8.

Something terrible is happening in a small rural town! A very adventurous little boy with a fantastical imagination discovers that the moon is getting smaller by the day and a mysterious thief must be stealing it! It is up to him and his dog, Luna to bring it back.

Once the story ends, the kids might have some questions about the moon and this book has the answers. It includes an educational explanation and diagram on why the moon really changes, along with a fun calendar to track the moon’s phases. 

The Moon Thief is available through book stores and Amazon.

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Thank you for sharing this book! I will buy them for my kids!


Thank you for sharing an interesting book. I’ll buy them for my kids.