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The Meaning of Easter with The Easter Story Egg

Easter is about eggs and basket gifts. Wrong! Easter is about the story of Jesus and Holy Week. When kids are dying eggs and collecting palms from mass, they are celebrating the the meaning of Easter. We read stories, attend church groups and hope they understand and encompass the real meaning.

Easter is not just a one-day celebration of a single event. Easter is a season. It is a story of Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday and The Easter Story Egg is the family tool you need to teach the meaning of Easter.

Above is a video of The Easter Story Egg and how it can be used in your home as a family activity to celebrate the meaning of Easter season.

The Meaning of Easter

The Story Egg™ book begins on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday. Each Egg within the set of nesting Eggs has a story that relates to a particular day in Holy Week, leading up to Easter Sunday.

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