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The Magical Mindful Day – Children’s Book Review

A copy of the book was sent for feature

The Magical Mindful Day - Children's Book Review

The Magical Mindful Day 

by: Deborah Slazar Shapiro

It is a story about hope for the future on this Earth that you and your child will enjoy together. In the book, The Magical Mindful Day, brings awareness to the world around us. As the subtitle states, it is a story about Mindfulness, Connection, and Caring for the Earth. My son and I read this together and it is so engaging especially with the illustrations on each page.

To be mindful you have to first understand what it means to be mindful and paying attention to what is going on around us. The book talks about recycling, choosing outdoor play over electronics, the element of breathing and taking in Oxygen and so much more that connects us to all living things.

You can visit their website to hear a relative song and more about the book and Author.

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