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The Lego® Architect book offers lessons in architectural styles

This is a promotional post. I was sent the book below

by Tom Alphin
Release date: September 2015
Do you have a Lego fan at home? I do and he is 7 years old and loves to sit and build with his thousands of Legos he has. He loves buying the kits that offer instructions on how to assemble fun buildings, castles and vehicles. He also loves to sit with a pile of Legos and just build in his own creative ways. There are others who have the patience to do just that and create some amazing builds with Legos. The book The Lego® Architect is a new ‘coffee table’ book that features some very skilled building of many well known buildings and sights as well as modern homes and art deco skyscrapers.

The book is organized very well. The Chapters are divided by 7 different architectural styles. The reader will not only learn a bit about each style and see live photos of buildings and sites that fit this style, but they will see amazing replicas made of Legos as well as an instructional build to be guided into their own creation at home.
  1. Neoclassical: think greeks and Romans-Arc De Triomphe and the White House. Learn how to build a Domed Building similar to the Monticello
  2. Prairie: think American West and connections to nature-the Gamble House and Imperial Hotel. Learn how to build a Prairie House similar to the Willits House by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  3. Art Deco: think the roaring twenties and Jazz age-Empire State building and Colony Hotel. Learn how to build a Movie Theater like the Normal Theater.
  4. Modernism: think industrial materials and steel framing-Willis Tower and Barcelona Pavilion. Learn how to build a Lever House office tower like the one in New York City.
  5. Brutalism: think reinforced concrete and universities-Salk Institute and Ph/-Eno Science Center in Germany. Learn to build an Air Traffic Control Tower.
  6. Postmodern: think steel and glass-Bank of America Plaza in Georgia and Sony Tower. Learn to build an Office Building like Ransila I in Switzerland.
  7. High-Tech: think computer modeling software and abstract sculptures-Walt Disney Concert Hall and Sydney Opera House. Learn to build a Train Station 
The last part of this book features a Builders Guide where you can read and learn further about ideas, scale, form, detail and color.
This makes a great gift and conversation piece for any child or adult who appreciates art, architecture and Lego building.
Learn more: The Lego Architect

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