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The Keep>Going First Aid GoKit is a travel must have

The Keep>Going First Aid MiniKit is a travel must have

If you have been in need of a bandaid or cream and did not have any on hand, it leaves you real stuck. Especially, if you have children or do a lot of walking, bandaids are a must to have on hand. A lot of first aid kits are bulky and hard cased, so it is not always handy to carry round. These printed first aid GoKits from Keep>Going have all you need in a compact zipper, soft case. The prints are a lot of fun too.

I have the GoKit in a camping print that contains 130 pieces for my first aid needs. This kit is in our RV for camping. It contains bandaids, scissors, topicals, stickers, swabs, tweezers, mini sewing kit, tape, wipes and more. There is extra room for small needs like an epi-pen or thermometer. Finding items is easy with the organization system and mesh pockets. It is water and stain resistant and the wrist strap makes it portable.

There are 4 kits to choose from – the SuperKit (270 pieces), GoKit (130 pieces), Loaded MiniKit (60 pieces) and KidsKit (44 pieces). The kits can be found on the Keep>Going website and on

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Cool thing for traveling, I have a similar one myself, because it is very convenient to put small things in one small bag, maybe just like essay title generator makes titles for my articles

Kate Bishop

I’m a big fan of GoKits. I might have to upgrade to the GoKit for all the extra Wordle Unlimited supplies, especially for camping trips.

Justin Bieber

I will buy this. It is so convenient to pack things.
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