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The Goodtimer is the Good Behavior Reward Tool for Families

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The Goodtimer is the Good Behavior Reward Tool for Families

It is so simple and genius, the Goodtimer is a good/bad behavior tool for ages 3-10. Everything you need is in the kit and it interactively hands out a good behavior reward system via tokens. I am happy to share more with you as you consider gifts for families who especially are home together during COVID and may need a behavior tool like this.

Step one is to find a central location for your Goodtimer and plug it in then gather the kids to read the included book. It tells the story of this timing tool and its maker and how to make him work for your family.

As you read the book you come to pages you will complete – a page to write down rules for your home (not hit sibling, pick up toys after play, remember to brush teeth, etc..) and then a sheet to divvy up rewards (eg, 2 token = extra TV time…). Load your tokens into the Goodtimer and you are ready to promote and earn a good behavior reward.

When you first turn on Goodtimer (the quick start guide helps explain all of the buttons/features) it will give a cute (child) voice hello and LED green light #1 illuminates like my photo below in this post. You will choose a level 1-10 (1 is an 8 hour, 10 is 12 hours) and that is a time that a token can be released unless it spent a lot of time upside down!

What does it mean to be upside down? This means that as long as they are behaving your Goodtimer is up and on. If they break a rule or misbehave you would ask them to go turn Goodtimer upside down. This means it is not counting down towards a token at the point. To get the timer back up and running they should correct their behavior quickly so they can go turn Goodtimer right side up again and start earning again. Tokens are stored in the attachd tower and cannot be retrieved until Goodtimer releases one based on the level set.

Keeping track of progress along the way each day is easy. Goodtimer has the green LED (like above) and the more lights around the unit (360 degrees around until fully lit) releases a token. Also, as time moves on with good behavior and it adds more light, Goodtimer also gives an encouraging voice command – it will encourage your child to keep up the good behavior and that they have lit Goodtimer up a bit more and are closer to a token release.

What is really fun is that they will just be going about their day and when having a good day or in a good moment they will hear Goodtimer talk to them. It gives subtle reminders throughout the day that Goodtimer is “counting their good moments” and that they are still on track for a token.

Goodtimer is currently on sale! Hurry! The original retail price is $129.95 and if you press the orange triangle in the upper left corner of their website to sign up for emails you will save 25%. They also do flash sales so make sure you follow their FB page and you will see flash alerts! As I write this they are offering it at $48!! Keep your eye open and sign up for emails and follow them because every home needs a Goodtimer! Visit Goodtimer to order today!

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