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The Glister Mini Flat Iron is a Must-Have For Summer Travel

Next week we leave on a special trip we have been so excited about. My husband and I travel to Las Vegas a few times a year. Next week we go with only our 2 oldest boys. The middle son turned 21 this year and my husband just turned 50 this month so for a while we knew that we would all go to Las Vegas in 2019 to celebrate the 21st and 50th.

The older boys are not taking their girlfriends (for their work commitments) so we actually get them to ourselves. Then we have friends and family also meeting us there and 3 of them have birthdays this week. The youngest is staying with Grandma on this trip as he is only 11 so we can all be adults with our 2 adult sons. With friends and dinners this trip I have some new outfits and a new hair accessory I am excited to start traveling with.

I don’t travel without my flat iron. I have a large one and it never came with a travel bag so I get nervous about it being in my carry-on because it is a ceramic iron and a loose cord all over the place in a suitcase. I would be lost if it were to break and I was stuck on vacation without the one tool I use to style my hair. Now, I can keep my large one at home. My Glister mini flat iron is perfect for travel and the small size makes great waves in my hair!

Of course it comes with its own cute travel bag so tucking it away in my suitcase is easy. I can now even carry it on my backpack when traveling in case I need to do an airplane touch up before landing!

It has a simple on/off switch and contains the most advanced technologies – including Far Infrared heat, Ionic anti-frizz, and Tourmaline gemstone infused floating plates for OnePass styling.


You will love the designs to choose from! For more information and to discover all of Glister’s products and collections, visit LoveGlister.

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Where can I buy this flat iron? I can’t really go outside without doing my hair and carrying this when I travel would really help, especially when I want to always look good in my pictures.


Hi Aika,

Christine with Glister here!

Please visit our website at to check out our styling tools (perfectly built for travel) 🙂