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The Crashlings have landed and these toys are great holiday gift ideas

This is a promotional post for Crashlings

The Crashlings Meteor Mutants have landed and are ready to have fun crashing cities! These mutants come in many forms-insect, monsters, sea life, din and aliens. There are over 150 of these Crashlings to collect. I was sent a 10-pack of Crashlings and Catapult City and my 6 year old went nuts. I had not heard of the Crashlings, but he had and has not stopped playing with them!
Building Catapult City

The Crashlings toys are very well built. Assembling the parts was very easy and my son needed very minimal help. Build the city and use the sticker sheet to dress the city up. Then we wait for the Crashlings to come….

Here come the Crashlings! They come by catapult….

They come by Zip Line…..

and they come by slide….

Join these outer space Mutants and give a gift that will bring hours of fun and there are so many Crashlings and sets to collect. Remember to stop by and see all the Crashlings products on your next Toys R Us trip!
Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own

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