The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker gives you ambient lighting and quality sound

The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker gives you ambient lighting and quality sound

The big project for our summer was renovating the backyard. In a space the dogs would tear up in grass and drag in mud and dirt, we had a patio poured. Then we got lucky and bought our cedar gazebo just before lumber prices skyrocketed. It took a bit of effort to build and erect, but once we finished it was time for furniture shop. I had a fire table and bought furniture. Since then I have been finding access pieces to make the space complete. My favorite addition is The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker that gives me ambient lighting and quality sound.

I simply got a hook and found a spot to hang it. It is weather/water resistant so I could hang it anywhere around the gazebo. I like to keep it low enough so I can get to the controls and grab it for a charge. At full charge I can get 30 hours out of just the light. Using it as a light and speaker, I get about 7 hours. It is plenty if I am hosting a dinner or BBQ for outdoor music.

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The flame ambiance is real nice, especially at night. It does a great job flickering to resemble flame. You can also choose a second mode to have it stay lit without flicker or have the light off and use just as a speaker. The +/- buttons control both sound and track selections. Each speaker comes with USB charging cable that can be used with any phone charger or USB charging unit.

The sound from this speaker is impressive. You can head to the Spice of Life website to learn more about The Bonfire Bluetooth Speaker as well as other products you will love. Also find this on Amazon.

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