The Biscotti Company Variety Pack of Handcrafted Biscotti

The Biscotti Company Variety Pack of Handcrafted Biscotti

If there is one thing that makes coffee or tea taste better, it is a fresh biscotti cookie. If you can find one that is homemade – even better! Bruno LoGreco, the owner and head baker at The Biscotti Company grew up making biscotti with his Mother and Grandmother with a family recipe that had not been changed in 200 years! The Biscotto Company cookies are as close to homemade as I have tasted.

The best way to experience their biscotti cookies to try the Variety Pack. You get 3 full size bags of their 3 flavors – Almond, Chocolate Almond and Dark Chocolate & Orange. They are light and so crisp. The chocolate they use is so delicious.

As I browsed their shop to see what else I could enjoy, I found that they have a gluten free variety as well. They have several GF flavors to enjoy. Visit The Biscotti Company to order your Holiday supply of these delicious biscotti cookies.

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