The best times of the year to shop for kids items

The best times of the year to shop for kids items

When is a good time to buy kids swimwear? Did you guess February? Probably not, but February is when most families begin thinking about summer plans and Moms are shopping 2 seasons early to spike the excitement of these summer plans. This is according to Zulily’s new, Best Time to Shop for Kids Trend Report!

The report gives other times of the year that are best for buying kids items. July is the favorite toy shopping month and November is the best time to buy nursery and baby gear. The reasons are explained in the report. Let’s take a quick look at what months are best to shop for kids items:

January: shop for athletic wear (yes, for your kids). Have you ever waited until March to find spring sports cleats? Too late! For sneakers, track suits and athletic apparel, start in January.

February: shop for swimwear (burr)! However, Summer planning has started, so get the swimsuits, sunscreen and sandals ordered so you can focus on just getting out the door come vacation time.

March: shop for luggage and bags. The trip is planned, the swimwear is ordered and now it is time for the bag check. Sales spike in April so jump on it and get ready to teach the kids how to pack a bag.

April: shop for camping gear. Many retailers like Zulily spike camping sales in April, May. You will want to start shopping early April and restock that camping gear so you are ready!

May: shop for your gymnast or dancer. May seems to be the best time to shop leotards and dance wear.

June: shop for Halloween. Seriously! Have you ever waited until September to find the popular costumes and have to redo plans? I have! June and July are great Halloween costume buying months.

July: shop for toys. Toys teach and with school starting soon, stock up on toys that bring out the thinker, doer and their imaginations.

August: shop for special occasion apparel. If there is an event happening at all the second half of the year, shop now! It is about to get busy, so now is the time to stop and plan special celebrations.

September: shop for kids coats. The best stock is before sales start dumping product fast in October.

October: shop for kids statement pieces. They have their own identities and we can express that in their clothing and accessories. As the Holidays near, stock up on essentials in October.

November: shop for baby and nursery deals. It seems as retailers are FALL-ing for babies this time of the year with new design releases and sales.

December: shop for bloomers. Think frills and lace and bottoms for the colder season.

shopping for luggage

I am a planner and when I find the right times to shop that offer me either the best deals or guarantee of in-stock items then I plan ahead. I don’t experience the stress of last minute rushes or the hassle of driving to multiple stores to find what I need when I create shopping plans. You can become a better planner as well with the Best Time to Shop for Kids Trend Report that is up to date with the best tips.

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