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The best teeth whitening strips for sensitive teeth

Throughout my adulthood, I have had times where I seen to deal with sensitive teeth and gums. It comes and goes, but when my teeth are feeling sensitive then I want products that won’t cause me discomfort. Too hard of toothbrushes or whitening products tend to bring discomfort on sensitive teeth. This is wy I am so happy I discovered Lumineux products. I was asked to sample the brand and I am very pleased so far.

The whitening strips have brought me no discomfort at all. I looked at the ingredients before I used them and was confident they should work best. Lumineaux uses Dead Sea salt, coconut oil and lemon peel oil to whiten teeth without the sensitivity. They also have a much better taste than other strip brands I have used in the past, so that is a bonus.

I am also using their whitening toothpaste and rinse within my routine and they both have a pleasant taste and seem to work great. What stands out the most about Lumineux is how great they work with my sensitive teeth. Order your teeth whitening strips and other products from the Lumineux line on Amazon.

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