The Best Home Scents are from Pura

The Best Home Scents from Pura are Eco-Friendly

In 2023, I ditched my plug in aroma sets I had been using and switched to Pura, one of the best home scents in my opinion. The reason I completely threw out the old and switched? It was all I was reading about the respiratory effects on given diffusers and Pura was the safer way. My old brand I used from a local mall retailer had scents so full of chemicals and was not the right choice for my pets and home health.

Pura follows the strict standards set by The International Fragrance Association (IFRA), which was created to protect consumers and the environment with the safe use of fragrance. What can you find in fragrances not built on Pura’s foundation of safe and sustainable?  Acetaldehyde, diclorobenzene, ethylhexanol, formaldehyde, GMOs, methyl pyrrolidone, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, styrene, or animal testing. Those are not ingredients you want floating around your home’s air. They don’t even sound fresh and are not the best home scents to use.

With partnerships with big brands like Anthropologie and Disney, you will find scents to fit your home. One of my favorite scents so far (and I have used many) are Brooklyn Candle Co.’s Santorini and Unify Company’s Cliff. both of these scents are mild and pleasant with Santorini giving that sand and fresh air feel and Cliff is their outdoor collection of bergamot/mandarin.

There are so many scents to choose from and the price is fantastic. You can even save on your first order! Start here and bring cleaner fragrances into your home in 2024!

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