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The best gifts are from FUNKO – Snapsies and Pop! Collectibles

The best gifts are from FUNKO - Snapsies and Pop! Collectibles

Of the 5 of us in the family, all of us have Funko POP! collectibles displayed at our desks. My husband was gifted a Minion and The Warriors character Funko POP! I have several on my shelf at work. I work at our local high school and the teens love seeing mine in display. Our 3 boys all have some around their PC’s as well. Our youngest is 13 and the biggest POP! collector and has a wall started. Then, he received the newest Negan and Tyrion Lannister from 2 of his favorite shows and they sit with him at his computer desk.

Funko fruit bats

If you have younger children, Funko has other collectibles aside from the popular POP! You can find blind packages – Funko Paka Paka: Fruit Bats and Snapsies as well. The Paka Paka Fruit Bats are so adorable. They live on a lush tropical island just south of the equator. Collect sweet Bree, Pinya, Ruby, Spitz, Ava, Lima, Wikie, and Drago! Their sweet touches make them fun to collect and display.

funko snapsies

Funko also has the popular Snapsies. What makes these collectibles unique is that they are interchangeable. The more you collect you have even more combinations. Each Snapsies animal has their own distinct personalities, looks, and accessories that you can customize for endless combinations! Their facial expressions are so fun!

snapsies animals

Funko has many gifts to choose from for the Holidays. Based here in Wa. state they are the brand that connects the collectible world of toys with pop culture. I am sure you have seen POP! vinyl figures in stores and online and there are so many to choose from.

Funko Pop

Visit the Funko shop on Amazon or their online shop. The next time you visit Seattle, head into Everett and visit their headquarters for a fun experience. These gifts will be a hit for anyone on your list if you know their favorite movies, athletes, bands, artists and more.

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Dana Rodriguez

Those are really cute. I love the Negan.