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The Best Custom Face Masks and Apparel from Cuddle Clones

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. I am happy to partner with this brand. There may be affiliate links contained within the article

The Best Custom Face Masks and Apparel from Cuddle Clones

How adorable are these face masks? That is my dog, Maya on my mask. I think she knows it too. It looks just like her too! Cuddle Clones creates one of the best custom face masks and products I have seen.

custom face mask

Besides the fantastic image quality their face masks have an 8cm x 12 cm filter pouch (for your own filter to fit, not a medical grade N95 mask. It is a multi-layer mask with very comfortable ear straps. Expand to cover your nose and chin. I have ordered several masks for us these past few months, but this is my favorite and one of the best custom face masks I have.

put your dog face on a mask

I can’t just stop at the mask! They have tees, golf club covers and even stuffed animals of your pet! I had to make my husband this tee.

custom tee

On a side note, about Cuddle Clones

As the mask and tee arrived my 12 year old immediately grabbed the mask to claim it and I let him. Then he asked who the “Maya’ shirt was for and I told him it is an XL for Dad. He loved all of this! This kid had straight A’s as COVID hit then suddenly had to finish 6th grade last spring virtually being told grades will not count. He was sort of crushed and sort of adopted a “why did I try” attitude when in the end he got a pass/fail and no letters of accomplishment.

I know as he enters 7th grade and starts another semester (or longer) of different work it might be hard for him to stay motivated. I have my eye on a few gifts as rewards now that I saw how excited he was to see Maya on these items. We have Maya’s sister, Leah and will gift him for his hard work with more from Cuddle Clones!

dog face on tee

Whether rewarding a hard working kid or buying a gift for those that are hard to shop for (such as my husband), Cuddle Clones for a pet lover is the perfect gift! From the best custom face masks to apparel and more, visit Cuddle Clones today and take a look!

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