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The Best crackers that have plant-based ingredients

Comment: I was sent crackers for this feature. Thank you to Mary’s Gone Crackers for collaborating with Parenting Healthy

Mary’s Gone Crackers uses only whole, plant-based ingredients

With a new school year paired with these new normals some of us go back to the classroom and some will learn from home – all will still need nutritious snacks. Mary’s Gone Crackers doesn’t just have a fun name, but Gluten-free, plant-based, organic and non-GMO crackers. Great for those in need of a better cracker that is allergen-friendly.

Mary’s Gone Crackers

Mary’s Gone Crackers have plant-based ingredients

The crackers actually taste good and are made using only whole, plant-based ingredients you can see within each cracker. Most flavors are good right out of the box and to pair them with good cheese or spreads makes them even better. I really love the herb crackers!

My 7th grader will be home and I have this shopping rule of “if I don’t buy it, he can’t eat it”. Some popular cookies and crackers I will buy as an occasional treat and for daily snacking I look for better, plant-based ingredients brands but they have to taste good or I am tossing uneaten boxes of food and that is a waste. My son discovered the REAL Thin Crackers over the weekend and he loves them. It is honestly the first brand of ‘better’ crackers he has ever eaten.

Real thin crackers

I was so happy and then I remembered, I had taken them out of the box and put them on a tray to serve for family coming over for dinner and he snuck into the appetizers right before they arrived- I think he related boxes of healthier crackers in the cupboard to not tasting very good but these were away from the box -out on the counter. In this little psychological trick I set the box aside so he never saw these were healthier snacks and ate what ‘looked’ like a good, hearty cracker and loved them. I will forever remember that trick – these sacks I prefer to buy can be removed from the ‘healthy-looking’ box and put in a bowl on the counter and suddenly they get eaten. Brilliant!

Visit Mary’s Gone Crackers to see all of the varieties of plant-based ingredients and find recipes too that pair great with their products. You can find them at grocery stores near you. I have them at my local Walmart, Safeway and Fred Meyer stores.

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