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The Beast Reusable Stainless Steel Double Insulated Tumbler With Straw

The Beast Reusable Stainless Steel Double Insulated Tumbler With Straw

If there is one thing I am well aware of, yet horrible at accomplishing, is that I am not drinking enough water. Now that I am into my 40’s, there are times that being dehydrated has led to feelings of exhaustion, heightened symptoms when sick and more. I tell my Doctor how much I really dislike water and also let days just go by and forgetting to consider enough intake. She gave me advice that I decided to finally take and she gave me a mission between now and next check up to drink more water. The Beast Stainless Steel Double Insulated Tumbler is my tool and I am staying on track.

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The Beast from Greens Steel Drinkware has tumblers in sizes right for you. I have the large 40 oz. My Doctor told me to find a large (around 40 oz) water bottle or tumbler and fill it a minimum twice a day. If I drink a full fill by the end of my work shift, then I come home from work and fill it up again and finish by bed. This gets me at 80 oz and my Dr. wants me between 80 and 100oz right now. Having a tumbler this size helps me keep track and feel like I am carrying a workable goal around in my hands all day.

spill proof tumbler lid

I also took her advice and drop a handful of frozen fruit (frozen strawberries or mixed fruit are my favorite) into my water in the morning and it acts as flavored ice cubes that give my water some natural flavor the longer it sits in my water. It’s an easy and healthy way to make my water taste better.

The Beast is not limited to water, use it for coffee, tea or any favorite hot or cold beverage – even soups and smoothies. It will keep cold items cold and hot items hot with its double wall vacuum with copper lining for maximum insulation! It is made with an 18/8 food grade steel for best food storage.

The Beast comes with a wide straw perfect for smoothies & Shakes, a curved straw for all other drinking needs, easy-clean, splash-proof lid, a straw cleaning brush and all in a sturdy gifting box. Find the color you love best and the size for your needs.

Shop for your Beast tumbler at Greens Steel. Also visit the Greens Steel store on Amazon.

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