The AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame is a great gift for all ages

The AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame is a great gift for all ages

Years ago I was gifted a digital photo frame and it quickly became my favorite gift and I have always owned one since. My first one was not Wi-fi and involved SD cards and clicking through photos to add and it took hours to set it up with photos I wanted. Now with the Wi-Fi frames like this AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame, it is so easy to use with the free app.

Not only does the AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame look modern and classy in any space, the app is so easy to use and there are not hundreds of menu options. Just what you need to choose photos and have them displayed. You simply download the app, connect your frame and head to your camera roll to download. Of course, you can use different sized SD cards to grab photos off handheld cameras or a USB port to grab photos from storage devices. Once you select the photos to display, you can set up your frame in any space horizontally or vertically and the photos will adjust and display correctly.

Gifting this to someone who is not techie still works with this frame! You can set up the device then invite unlimited friends and family to share pictures to the frame or send photos to their frames all via WiFi. If you gift this and have it set up, the family can digitally send photos to display to the frame no matter who owns it from anywhere (25+ countries) if you invite them to do so.

The screen is 9″ with 1280*800 and a vivid picture. There is 16GB of memory and that is a lot of photos and videos. With the app and touchscreen you can delete, add and rearrange the photos as well as pause the play and adjust brightness and sleep level.

Distance isn’t an issue. Share your moments anytime anywhere with AEEZO Frame via free Frameo App! Shop for an AEEZO frame today!

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