The 4 Best Careers For Working Parents

Best Careers For Working Parents
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Being a parent can sometimes be a life-challenging experience, especially when you have a full-time job. A survey that was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International revealed that more than half (56%) of American working parents say that balancing work and parenting has been posing lots of challenges to them. This often results in them leaving their regular jobs and devoting their time to raise and take care of their kids. However, most parents currently tend to pursue careers that are more rewarding instead. These careers offer a good pay grade, have flexible working hours, and even remote working arrangements. This makes them ideal to have quality time for their families and still make a good income. Here are the 4 best careers for working parents

Actuarial Science

This career involves the study of the probability that things will happen based on the values of variables such as bonds, or stocks. In order to be an actuary, you need to have a solid statistical background and study problems related to insurance. This career is one of the best careers for parents as it doesn’t really need you to be in the office. You can actually be working from your living room. The career also offers good pay, high level of job flexibility and parents even have the advantage of working remotely, making parents have quality time to spend with the family.

IT Data Scientist

Data science is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand careers today. It involves areas such as programming, machine learning statistics, software engineering, and experimental science. Being a data scientist is one of the best careers for working parents since it combines a hefty paycheck along with the option to work in the comfort of their homes, with flexible working hours and at relatively low stress. Additionally, for parents that are thinking of establishing their own business before retirement, this can be their ideal job since their experiences, contacts, and knowledge as a data scientist can be very much helpful.

Dental Hygienist

A Dental hygienist career involves providing preventive oral care under dentist supervision. They clean patients’ teeth and examine their mouths for any damage, gingivitis, and any other diseases. With a dental hygienist career, working parents are assured to enjoy a competitive salary and able to work part-time hours. Making it possible for them to have time to spend with their kids and make it to their appointments. With the fast-growing population, dental hygienists continue to be in demand. The experts at recommend that dental hygienists looking for more chances to earn more income can get such opportunities to accept extra shifts through an on-demand app that is either on phones or laptops. 

Elementary School Teacher

For those who enjoy being around children, an elementary school teacher can be one of the ideal careers for them. Being an elementary school teacher parents will always be assured of getting home shortly after their kids or even at the same time. They also get summer breaks and school holidays just like their kids and on top of it still making an income. Additionally, this job will also save you from either the trouble of sitting in long meetings or travel out of town for work and having the stress to always look for a babysitter to watch over your kids. 

These careers will not just help moms and dads make a reasonable earning but also let them enjoy the parenthood experience, have more time to take care of themselves, and most of all have more quality time to spend with their families. 

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