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The 10 Pound Pledge to finally lose that weight the right way

This is a sponsored post for the 10 Pound Pledge on behalf of Mom’s Affiliate

Kamila McDonald is a Jamaican media personality, fitness coach and sports nutritionist who is fit, proud of her accomplishments and recently competed in the Miss Jamaica World Competition and the result was the title of Miss Jamaica Beach Beauty. But there is a Kamila McDonald who existed before her successes. She was a media personality that hit a disappointed weight of 188 pounds. McDonald was always a very cheerful and energetic personality and with her weight making her uncomfortable in her own body, she found herself covering up and becoming introverted. She had hit that weight point of being uncomfortable in her own skin. Knowing this is the best time to be motivated for a change, she started on her weight loss journey the same way we all do. She started exercising and eating better, but failed! She’d start to feel bad again, start to make changes and fail once more!
With all of the failed attempts to find the regimen that works and she can continue to live with to keep the weight off, she learned the one thing that is missed in so many weight loss plans. The dire need to educate yourself on what it is you are doing and why you are failing. To simply tell someone that starting Monday you need to be someone different-eat different, change your routine to get to a gym, etc-is unrealistic. McDonald related to this by stating “…I think we are creatures of habit and just changing my lifestyle in general, I think that, in and of itself, was hard”. 

How many times have you tried to stick to a regimen to lose weight or build muscle only to fail? How many times has motivation or time and travel interfered with your weight loss goals? Do you wish you could just grasp the overall concept of exactly what you need to do to achieve these weight loss or toning goals? You are not the only one who feels discouraged or even a bit uneducated about the how’s and when to start back and succeed this time. Kamila McDonald was like all of us and not only did she figure it out and lose her weight, she learned what it takes to keep it off and stay motivated. She shares her tips and what she learned in her personal journey with all of us in her 10 Pound Pledge program.

McDonald’s 3 steps to help you reach your goals

As McDonald learned what she was doing wrong, she began to find the best ways to stay motivated and start a successful process. This is a program for all of you who have tried and failed and want that success! 
To start, it is important to start training your mind. With my own toning goals, I have also learned that changing your lifestyle for the better takes a bit of mind motivation and power. Your mind will drive your determination and as for your body…it will do what the mind tells it to! That is my own thoughts on how I keep motivated and I can tell you that once you use a plan like this 10 Pound Pledge, after a short while you will love it. If you miss a day, you will feel that withdraw. The energy you get from a good workout does become addicting. Just wait!
1. Acceptance: It’s time to realize that you need to make a change and understand the root of your struggles. Making the mental choice is the hardest, but because you have got yourself into a hole, it’s time to climb out.
2. Measurable Steps: Stop thinking about all the weight you want to lose. Break it down and make your goals reasonable. If you have 40 pounds to lose, take it 10 pounds at a time. You can’t shock yourself into weigh loss, so there has to be balance. Set realistic goals.
3. Don’t Hide: Be all right with what is going on. The results may not take place instantly, so pace yourself. However, don’t hide under layers of clothes and cover-ups. Start by being confident as you change your diet and workout.
Now it is time to take the 10 Pound Pledge

There a few packages offered by Kamika McDonald and her 10 Pound Pledge program and I am going to focus on the 10PP Kami Combo. However, please look all of the programs over and find the one that best fits you!
The 10PP Kami Combo program costs $80. You get the program that will have you dropping 10 pounds in 5 weeks for a lot less money than a gym membership & personal trainer fees you would have to pay for during that time. Remember that a program such as these is like having access to more than just workouts, you get that feeling you are working with a personal trainer and guide.  What do you get with the 10 PP Kami Combo?
  • Kami’s 5 week workout video plan (not actual DVD-this is a downloadable and streaming workout you can access from any computer, tablet or smart phone wherever you are
  • 9 unique workout videos (not 1 you have to repeat over and over)
  • 2 warm up and 2 cool down videos
  • 10 optimal form videos
  • Kami’s nutritional blueprint: 50 pages of reflections and retrospections
  • Behind the scenes footage
You get all this with a bit of Jamaican music and background for a motivational and engaging plan that is sure to bring success-finally!

Disclosure: Parenting Healthy was compensated. All opinions are 100% my own
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