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Temperature does affect your quality of sleep

Temperature does affect your quality of sleep

Your bed is where you spend over a third of your day and the quality of your mattress makes all the difference in obtaining a quality of sleep. We all know that as close to 8 hours of sleep a night is the recommendation for adults. But, temperature and comfort are also needed to complete that good night’s sleep.

According to GhostBed, the room temperature at bedtime should be matched to the internal body temp, which is naturally lowered during sleep. Experts have noted that the ideal room temp for the best sleep possible should be between 65 – 72-degrees Fahrenheit with the average at 65 degrees. This is where I keep my temperature. I set my range at 65-68 for night time in my home thermostat. In the summer I set it even lower because our room is upstairs so it fights to even stay as low as 65 all night.

I recently came across an article at the Sleep Foundation and learned that sleeping too hot can interfere with our thermoregulation. We can be so fatigued and head to bed with all intentions of passing out for a good night’s sleep and if our bed or room is too hot we may be unable to fall asleep regardless of how exhausted we are. Even if you do manage to fall asleep, good luck staying asleep because too hot of a temperature interferes with REM sleep. It interrupts that ‘cooling signal’ that tells our body it is rest time.

When choosing a mattress, you will find that many mattress brands understand the importance of sleeping cool and make their mattresses with a special cooling gel and technology combined with memory and latex foams to provide the most comfortable of rest possible. All brands seem to have their own combined technology to offer a mattress of various firmness and fabrics, but all with a goal of the cooler sleep our bodies desire.

GhostBed has several mattresses to choose from and they can be delivered, boxed making shipping a breeze. I took their new Marc’s Mattress Quiz (as in Marc Werner, Founder: GhostBed, Sleep Expert) and was recommended the GhostBed Natural. I love using pure, organic products like this mattress has and there are 5 comfort layers so I get that memory foam effect without sleeping too hot.

What makes your mattress even better is also making sure you have the right bedding. The mattress supports you and your blankets surround you. Whether you use cooling sheets or have wanted a weighted blanket to try, you may want to make sure you complete your mattress purchase by having the right bedding. Sleeping cool all night is going to bring you a deeper and better sleep.

A good place to start besides knowing the size and mattress type is to consider your sleep style – back, side, stomach and how hot or cold you sleep. In the end, the right mattress will be your own personal preference. No one can really tell you what mattress you will feel right in. What can happen is that your are guided by the answers to certain sleep questions to lead you to the right mattress features.

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