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TeachMy Infant or Toddler Learning Kit Giveaway

I have partnered with TeachMy for this feature

TeachMy Infant or Toddler Learning Kit Giveaway

Welcome to the TeachMy Infant or Toddler Learning Kit Giveaway

Sponsored by: TeachMy and Hosted by: Parenting Healthy

TeachMy kit

A while back I featured a post titled, Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten? Try these tips!It was there I introduce the TeachMy learning kits for babies and toddlers. You can choose from 4 kits – Infant, Toddler, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Summer is a great time to sneak in extra at-home learning. It keeps their eager brains learning without a summer pause and brings a way to have some one on one time you both are craving. Let’s order your Teach My Preschool Learning Kit now. There is so much inside this kit your child will not run out of motivation to learn at home.

The TeachMy Giveaway Details

1 lucky reader will win a TeachMy kit of your choice. Open to US and 18+. Enter below and good luck!

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elizabeth miller

I like that they split it up each day into different things. I really like that they add in to bring it on a trip to the grocery, etc as interaction to me is the best way for kids to learn.


In my opinion, you touched the main subjects that they should be familiar with in time for school. You have a lot of experience and knowledge in the teaching field and I like the different variety that you have planned for the different days f know the kids will

Anne Perry

Yes. I love the idea of Field Trip! Park, grocery store, etc and bring 2 flashcards and find groups of things in the cards #

Sara S

I love that things are integrated from ‘real life’ moments, field trips, sitting down to learn time, etc! It seems like it will be a flexible program yet teach a lot!


I love the ‘fun chore’ idea or older siblings to have something to while younger ones learn. Thanks for the tips on your post.


Learning should definitely be fun